Drug Free Society Politics






Modern authorities just like the traditional ones rely on the magical power of words in the form of propaganda to propagate their will and to render their subjects docile and obedient. The modern power elite, however, have at their beck and call the efficient means of mass terror as well as the means of direct communication with the masses. Since the power elite control the massive political-economic apparatus, and therefore have the ability to determine whether a man works, or whether he is able to buy a house or a car and so on with debt or not, and also has the ability to determine the relative value of money itself, they can usually keep their instruments of mass murder concealed domestically, relying on economic means to terrify the masses and to consequently keep people in line.

Under the current regime, keeping the people intimidated in mass production and consumption with both virtual and real means keeps them preoccupied with officially defined work whether that work is meaningful or not. The power elite’s propaganda is intended to make the production and consumption of vast quantities of superfluous “goods” somewhat meaningful or at least unquestionable. If the truth were told, much of that stuff is really trash, garbage and junk. Alas that people who have not been rendered zombies by advertising, must cooperate in producing stuff brainwashed people want in order to supply their own, real needs. That is not to say everyone should not have what they want provided it does no harm to others by depriving them of their needs—there must be a viable alternative to the so-called rational economy as the way of life.

A United States President speaks of work-fare as the means to get people off well-fare and to impress upon them the “dignity of work”. He does not speak at all of the dignity of the worker, or mention the fact that most of the working population, who have never been on well-fare, are engaged in make-work already, are already, therefore, on work-fare: for they must waste their lives churning out trash and junk just to survive, just to have the basic necessities of life. That is the nature of the political-economic machine: that the wealthy have their fine enduring treasures to be passed down to their descendants in accordance with the natural law of wealth, while the servants are kept occupied building up those fortunes, employees to be paid with fast food, cheap imitation goods, trinkets, gadgets and toys to keep them preoccupied in their off hours. The anxiety resulting from this system of slavery is allayed with drugs both legal and illegal, produced by the two major forms of organized crime: the mob and the government. The plantation, the castle, the club is therefore safe.

In fact, the United States population is presently being treated as the population of a gigantic mental hospital, where patients are to be kept busy with work-therapy. To question one’s existence under the current regimen of drugs and work, to confront the futility of that existence and to seriously consider suicide is discouraged; for suicidal thoughts can lead not only to self-murder but to revolt, to the murder of the power elite and their authorized minions on down the pecking order even to the deluded bosses in the pits who have sold out to the hellish political-economic scheme.

The virtual suicide of an unexamined life perpetuated under the repressive power elite, which is anathema to any free individual, is the modern mode of existence; or, rather, the mode of non-existence and walking death: for he who does not think does not exist as a real human being. Hence extensive psychoanalysis is out, and a life of quick fixes, of short-term, feel-good therapies and drug-induced states of intellectual paralysis and mental enslavement is in. The goal of this sort of therapy is productiveness for the security and well-being of the power elite who gloat on luxuries while handing out tokens and facsimiles to the virtually enslaved rank and file.

A Surgeon General of the United States has defined mental health as productiveness, therefore mental illness is whatever interferes with working-for-the-Man; mental disease is the inability to lead a productive life of work therapy, although that work is often meaningless or despised. And for that unease the good surgeon recommends that drug factories keep churning out massive quantities of psychotropic dope. Especially favored as worker-candy are the serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

A few rebels left who are quite aware of what is happening but it behooves them to keep their mouths shut. Some of them used to self-medicate themselves with illicit drugs just to be rebellious. A few have gotten themselves totally clean, and have even foresworn nicotine and alcohol, two of the most popular mass-produced drugs the power elite has capitalized on for profit and pushed to keep the population obedient. Of course, smoking and drinking on the job is prohibited, for there workers must concentrate on making profits; but most workers are not arrested or fired because nicotine or alcohol from the previous night’s rest and relaxation has been found in their urine or blood streams. There are some very good reasons for that.

For example, nicotine poisoning causes the body to produce a natural pain killer thus dissipating somewhat the urge to kill one’s chieftains. The remaining homicidal urge is directed into other harmless activities that benefit the ruling elite. That is, harmless except for the self-destruction of the smoker who generates huge revenues for the medical community to take advantage of, in revenge, perhaps, for the suffering one has to withstand to become a doctor. Be that as it may, many an authority’s life has been saved by a smoke break. Furthermore, the coffers of the drug pushers and their harlots in Washington are brimming over.

Alcohol is especially tolerated, inasmuch as it also acts as a safety valve. Alcohol provides a false feeling of power, muddles the mind, and helps deflect the urge to kill the power elite onto helpless women and children and external enemies. An ancient priesthood of reformed power-drinkers managed very early to get out of harm’s way by ritualizing the drunken war parties that are preludes to and aftermaths of mass rape, murder and pillage. The religious elite soon threw up elaborate bureaucracies to administer the plunder and to keep the violence directed at the foreign enemies of the national god instead of the domestic rulers the priesthood anointed in order to maintain its servile status.

Therefore, it is obvious that a true rebel today must avoid nicotine and alcohol along with all the other population-control drugs used to supplement or replace them.

Ironically, one rebel, who is himself a total abstainer from drugs of all kinds, recently proposed the ergot poisoning of the bread supply. This rebel, who calls himself “Manny”, believes people have rocks in their heads, mental rocks formed by fighting over corresponding rocks in the ground and over artificially produced rocks called “goods”. He believes those mental rocks must be dissolved by hallucinogenic acids in order to prevent people from getting completely stoned to death by their own conformity to the dictates of the power elite.

I interviewed Manny at his secret laboratory in the Oregon wild. A full transcript of that interview is scheduled to be released in the near future, so I can only cursorily mention a few matters we discussed.

Manny admitted to being a reformed alcoholic; he said he was cured with the aid of LSD. He stated that, during his withdrawal from alcohol, he became eager to help his fellow man, so he proceeded to dump large quantities of LSD into the Oregon water supply, thinking it was a sure cure for conformity. Manny did not know at the time that immersing LSD in water renders it useless. When he discovered that to be the case, he decided, after some further research, that a special strain of ergot would do the trick, and set about producing the same in his lab. His plans to launch it have since been rudely interrupted by his untimely death when he tried to fly off the Brooklyn Bridge.

Manny, in response to my pointed questions, admitted many hallucinating people would run amuck on the streets after his product is launched into the bread supply, convinced that they had gone completely mad; he further admitted that many people would be hurt as a consequence. But he said those injuries would be merely contingent and not necessary. He insisted most people “would wake up and get real.” One of the first things they would do upon awakening, he said, would be to rid themselves of the “parasitic pigs” which he constantly referred to as “the tribal thugs of the forces of darkness”.

As for a drug-free society, Manny said a drug-free society would be impossible to obtain without slaughtering at least a quarter of the population. When I asked him if it would not suffice to simply limit the consumption of mind altering and mood enhancing drugs, including nicotine, alcohol, serotonin reuptake inhibitors, upper and downers, and so on, to prisons, and to arrest and confine in those prisons anyone caught using such drugs, Manny balked. I suggested that those prisons might be used to produce many of the necessities needed by the free people outside, and that to build and to maintain the new prison system would also provide many free people with a productive occupation. This gave Manny some pause for thought, apparently, as he went into a trance, concluding the interview.

As I have indicated, Manny’s responses will soon be published, at which time I shall fully address my many concerns with his proposal to clear the minds of the repressed population by means of ergot poisoning. His plot was rather bizarre, but some of his arguments against the status quo have merit.

In the interim, from what I have already said, some people might be motivated to at least reduce their intake of those substances mentioned, and to prepare for the overthrow of the power elite. It is to that end that I also urge people to reduce their consumption of the propaganda being propagated to render the masses docile and obedient.