Tricks of World’s Most Popular Blogger






Bloghog, Google’s Most Popular Blogger, has been posting ten posts on each of a dozen of her blogs for seven days a week for the last ten years. The traffic and advertising revenue she has generated has set a Google world record. Her posts average 88 words. Her choice of subject matter has attracted 9,400,316 followers. Here are the titles and the first lines of her posts today for the edification of ambitious bloggers:

1. It Takes Me Awhile to Wake Up

Ever since I took an acting method class and learned that people do not wake up suddenly, I have been waking up in seven stages. By that time my husband has already gone to work. This method works, ladies….

2. What Does My Dream Mean?

I dreamed I was a penguin last night, standing in the dark on the South Pole with an egg between my legs. Does that mean I am bisexual? My Dream Dictionary says….

3. The Best Toothpaste On The Market

There is only one brand of toothpaste that helps you lose weight if you brush before meals….

4. The Man On The Elevator

When the elevator got stuck this morning, a man pried open the doors and got me out, then the elevator took off and left his head rolling in the hall at my feet. I managed to cope with the delay….

5. Traffic Opportunity

The drive to the mall was unbearable today, stop and go, but it gave me a chance to try the new lipstick my building superintendent gave me. She wants me to become a Forever Glossy associate….

6. It Is Better To Own Than To Rent

We will own our house free and clear when the mortgage is paid off, and you should too. This is why….

7. What I Had For Lunch

Lunch is the most important meal of the day, so I eat a light lunch. I had….

9. The Server Must Be Down

I couldn’t get into the site to post my work. This is my rant about it and I hope you like it!

10. I’m Glad My Husband Is Working

My prayer was answered. My husband works six days a week, and he says he is glad that he does. This is the prayer I want to share with you because I am so happy!!!!