City Debate Harpy Craps Out On WordPress Article

City Debate Logo – Fair Comment
By David Arthur Walters

July 9, 2017

I normally do not stoop to responding to anonymous social media harpies who dedicate themselves to fouling the nests of authors whose work they are inordinately jealous of and who are most likely political operatives of officials ashamed to identify themselves in such a despicable manner, but these droppings on my article (WORDPRESS: ‘Miami Beach Wages War On Black Week’) received from J.P. Morgan’s Miami Beach ‘City Debate’ is well worth addressing and repeating because they are a joke on whoever penned and published the comment, and illustrates just how ridiculously vacuous alternative facts can be:

“Whoever fed you this story must be staying in the bars themselves too long. The only factual part of the story is you got all the spelling correct. It’s obvious you were not in this Saturday during the periods of time you talk about as you have it all wrong, however, I will give you Credit that some of the things you have said did occur however in a different way and different time. CITY DEBATE”

That blank sort of baseless denial of facts is what passes for participation in debate nowadays, and this precious instance of it is certainly laughable. Indeed, it really cheered me up, pathetic as it is. I am once again laughing out loud! Thank you, harpy, for your self-portrait.

Social Media Harpies and Magpies!


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