How Great Can America Be?





I think therefore I am, I am what I think, and thought is the breath of my existence, so I did not realized that my spirit had been repressed into One Dimension until I was enlightened by Herbert Marcuse that:

“One-dimensional thought is systematically promoted by the makers of politics and their purveyors of mass information. Their universe of discourse is populated by self-validating hypotheses which, incessantly and monopolistically repeated, become hypnotic definitions or dictations.”

For example, Make America Great Again is being trumpeted to the high heavens of late by the Flimflam Man, about whom Nothing Greater Can Be Thought.  That is to say that This Great Nation of Ours is no longer great. And just how great was it, anyway?

Greatness in this once Great Nation of Ours must be as measureable as the Flimflam Man’s waistline. Quantity and not quality counts, and we are to use his presumably gargantuan tool as our measuring rod. Yet we have no way of knowing how long his ruler is, nor even its width or depth, as long as we are diminished in comparison to mere points, to live a one-dimensional, pinheaded, or windowless monadic existence in Pointland.

Intercourse in this totalitarian Universe of Discourse is naturally reduced to the most one can get with the least expenditure, and the producer is systematically attuned and atoned to the social product. The automaton no longer thinks about the social product; it thinks him. The Universe of Discourse, which is the sine qua non of human existence, is a manufactured system aka the Best of All Possible Systems and The American Way.

“The efficiency of the system blunts the individual’s recognition that it contains no facts which do not communicate the repressive power of the whole. If the individuals find themselves in the things which shape their life, the do so, not by giving, but by accepting the law of things—not the law of physics but the law of their society.”

“Thus emerges a pattern,” continues our perverse guru, “of one-dimensional thought and behavior in which ideas, aspirations, and objectives that, by their content, transcend the established universe of discourse and action are either repelled or reduced to terms of this universe. They are redefined by the rationality of the given system and of its quantitative extension.”
Can if be that the Flimflam Man is the only person who has emerged from One Dimensional existence? Is he the One to save us from the News of Reality that is faking us out?

I feel fortunate that I came across a copy of Professor Marcuse’s book at Kafka’s Kafé on South Beach before that absurd used bookstore and cafe was rationalized by The System.

I had, by the way, already managed to broaden my consciousness, from Pointland to Flatland.

I also encountered a few New Age books at Kafka’s, but they did not inspire me to stand up because the New Age is really a product of One-Dimensional Society.

“The reign of such a one-dimensional reality does not mean that materialism rules, and that the spiritual, metaphysical, and bohemian occupations are petering out. On the contrary, there is a great deal of ‘Worship together this week,’ ‘Why not try God,’ Zen, existentialism, and beat ways of life, etc. But such modes of protest and transcendence are no longer contradictory to the status quo and no longer negative. They are rather the ceremonial part of practical behaviorism, its harmless negation, and are quickly digested by the status quo as a healthy diet.”

Now there is no way to overcome repression without consciousness of repression, and then and only then can one become fully individuated as a three-dimensional entity via the fourth dimension, and therefore partially freed from the flattening gravity of circumstances.

Please stand by for the elevator.


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