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David Arthur Walters

ANONYMOUSE ANNIE by David Arthur Walters

Many writers are possessed by the writing urge at a very young age. While some children, secure in their cocoons, fear flying, others, perhaps bored or appalled by present circumstance, spread their wings when imagination buds and seek refuge in the glories of thin air.

An anonymous playwright. whom I shall call Annie, confessed in an article entitled ‘What the WPA Did to Me’  in The Forum (Feb. 1938), that she desired to become a creative writer when she was a young girl. After she left school, she occupied herself with commercial writing jobs. The imposed work dulled her desire to do her own, creative work. Nevertheless, she felt sure she would have been a commercial writer to the end were it not for unforeseen circumstances.

“With whatever lack of interest I regarded my work,” said Annie, “I was steadily employed and did little…

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