Tip On Ambition and Intelligence from The Unemployment Corner


Unemployment Corner: Tip on Ambition & Intelligence

by Unemployment Consultant David Arthur Walters

If you want to get off the Unemployment Corner, do not believe everything you hear from employers, for they tend to lie at least as much as prospective applicants. For example, you will hear calls for “ambitious” and “intelligent” people.

In any case of prospective employment, do not appear to be very ambitious or highly intelligent – above all, do not be a wise guy. Remember, high intelligence is rare and it is usually feared and despised. Obedience to authority and conformity to the average mentality are actually the rule with most outfits. Indeed, mediocrity is the norm and mediocre leadership is its model. Above all, do not let on that you are ambitious or intelligent enough to replace your interviewer and to do a much better job with human resources than she will ever do.

Of course there are brilliant exceptions, but it is best not to be one if you are seeking employment in a typical mediocracy. During job interviews, keep this advice from Arthur Schopenhauer in mind:

“Intellectual conversation, whether grave or humourous, is only fit for intellectual society; it is downright abhorrent to ordinary people, to please whom it is absolutely necessary to be commonplace and dull. This demands an act of severe self-denial – we have to forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to become like other people.”

If you want a really good job in good society, you might keep this observation by the same philosopher in mind:

“So-called good society recognizes every kind of claim but that of intellect, which is a contraband article; and people are expected to exhibit an unlimited amount of patience towards every form of folly, stupidity, perversity and dullness; whilst personal merit has to beg pardon, as it were, for being present, or else conceal itself altogether.”

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