The South Beach Compassionate Program for Vagrants

David Arthur Walters

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“This is their home”

14 October 2015

By David Arthur Walters MIAMI MIRROR

Only a few tourists, residents and businessmen have complained about the South Beach Compassionate Program for Vagrants established by Mayor Philip Levine, Commissioner Michael Grieco, Police Chief Daniel Oates, Homeless Outreach Services, and the ACLU.

No longer are the involuntary homeless and voluntary vagrants periodically swept off the streets like so much trash. As a police officer explained the program to an Allied Security officer when he caught him following instructions to not allow vagrants to sleep in Lincoln Park in front of the new symphony hall, “Let them sleep here. This is their home.”

HOME  their home

Since then, security officers have little to do in the new park, and one of them was observed sleeping there himself, not to mention an overworked parks department employee who regularly retires there on a hot…

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