Kracked Kabbalah Kellipot?


Is Rick Ross a Kabbalah Krackpot?


David Arthur Walters

I noticed the Miami Kabbalah center’s full-page ad running in Knight Ridder’s prestigious The Miami Herald recently. Shortly thereafter I was approached on the sidewalk in Coral Gables by Kabbalah sales persons.

Apparently there have been numerous complaints about the conduct of the pop-Kabbalah movement. For instance, a Mr. Rick Ross informed me today that the head of the movement in Israel has been arrested for fraud. He said he is looking for relevant “newspaper” articles about the movement for his database. He is not interested in opinions: he seems to believe in “facts”, and apparently has the opinion that newspapers are the only relatively credible source of “facts.”

I have seen nothing but positive information about the Kabbalah movement in the South Florida press. I understand that prominent members of our community as well as highly placed celebrities ardently support the movement as if it were a bona fide religion. If there is a record that the movement somehow places vulnerable people in danger, I believe the public has a right to know what that record is. Have members of the South Florida press printed anything on the movement besides advertisements and upbeat “news”?

The Miami Mirror will not go into print until next year, when our funding is in place. Until we become a newspaper, we must rely on existing newspapers for reliable information on the dangers that might confront us in our search for perfection. Rick Ross has a great deal of information to share on this particular subject.

As for his opinion, his understanding of what a fact is, and his interpretation of facts, we cannot render our opinion as of yet. Nor do we have the funds to conduct a thorough investigation as to whether or not his work is a fragment or kellipot from the Cracked Pot. If that is in fact the case, some light may be recovered from therein. And that is why we have asked various newspaper editors to conduct an investigation into the facts and report back to us on this crucial issue.

Nothing is Free at the Kabbalah Fest


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