Coral Cabala

Coral Cabala
Silver and Coral ring in Coral Gables Florida






Coral Gables, Florida, is perhaps the most expensive place for members of the growing servant economy to have lunch in metropolitan Miami; many of them pack their lunch. As for me, I was headed for Burger King. A becoming young lady handed me a slick flyer as I walked along Miracle Mile.

“Kabbalah Comes to the Gables.”

The public was invited to a free introduction to the Kabbalah, to be held at the Hyatt Regency on October 23, 2005. Furthermore, for the sum of $25, interested parties could attend a workshop:

“Many Lives, Many Lovers – How To Find Your Soul Mate: This workshop will reveal the secrets of finding your true soul mate and everlasting love.”


The area traversed by Miracle Mile in Coral Gables is an upscale, upgraded neighborhood south of downtown Miami and Coconut Grove. It is graced by Mediterranean architecture, wealthy people, banks big and small, exclusive restaurants, art galleries, beauty shops, and the like. The few, low-slung, historic buildings are elegantly charming. But the current architectural mode for business is ponderously Romanesque-made-tall, amply court-yarded and colonnaded.

The Miracle Mile look is inhospitably antiseptic in my opinion. One might notice an ever-so-slight, mingled scent of laundered money and expensive colognes on breezy days. The businessmen are relatively handsome and well heeled under cuffed trousers. If they wear a phallic symbol at all, it is most often a long and red, power tie. Some of the women, particularly those who drive the luxury cars found for sale nearby, have cozy rear seats and comfortable headlights. I happen to be a lip-man who prefers the dignified demeanor and noble countenance of the Latinas.

By the way, Miami-at-large has the largest breasts in the Sunbelt, at least according to the recent statistical study of breast implantation. But ordinary Latinos, particularly Cubans, seem to be mostly fond of rumps, the larger the better. Wherefore if you are an amply endowed lady, no problem, come on down to Miami and your beauty will fare well in many neighborhoods.

As for Coral Gables, I suppose the most desirable mates are reserved; yet one never knows unless the issue is pressed hard. I myself am lonely for dollars at present, hence I have not paid much attention to the possibility of meeting a body or soul mate as of yet – a synthesis of the two would be best for one who follows the personalist ethics of the late Polish pope.

Thanks to La Mujer de Oro, the beautiful married woman who called me out of the clear blue sky, I landed a temporary assignment in Gables for a few weeks. I had almost hit rock bottom – or rather the beach – when she called. I had been beating my head against the wall for some time, and had given up all my high hopes as well as my lowly desires.

There are some things we can do nothing about except leave everything including our egos behind at the coral gate, then submit, forego, forgive, forget, and enter empty-handed with palms opened upward to receive whatever is in store. There are times when we should ask for nothing if we would receive what is good for us, for our confusing demands simply get in the way.

In any case, I would keep going through the motions with an empty mind, resigned to my fate whatever it might be. In fine, with faith in nothing and knowing nothing is perfect, I would accept whatever number came up even if it were zero. Those ‘woulds’ were the extent of my will. La Mujer de Oro called two hours later. I found myself in Gables the very next day.

I studied the Kabbalah flyer as the young lady who handed it to me stood by.

“Do you know about the Kabbalah?” she asked.

“Nothing is better than the Kabbalah,” I replied.

We smiled broadly at each other and parted pleased with each other and ourselves.

Nothing is perfect.



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