A Demonic Groundhog

David Arthur Walters



From Groundhog Days – Intercourse on Time

By Melina Costello and David Arthur Walters

Saturday, June 25, 2004



Sunday, August 01, 2004
Madame Melina,

“I have often wondered where you stood on the crucial question: What would your reaction be if a demon were to prove to you that your whole life with all its goods and ills will be endlessly repeated? I pray you will take the question seriously even though it is hypothetical – eternal recurrence is plainly impossible or at least highly improbable given the fact that our incredibly complex system is open, subject to all sorts of external influences, inflows, outflows – the vast number of elements involved would virtually preclude any exact repetition of any cosmos or life therein. I look forward to hearing from you before the shadow falls.”

Your Devoted Groundhog

August 10, 2004

Dear Mister Groundhog,


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