The Virtues of Sycophancy in Legislative Bodies

Kristen Rosen Gonzalez



Kristen Rosen Gonzalez
City Commission

14 January 2016

Re: The Virtues of Sycophancy

Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez:

The gist of the academic essay An Adultery I sent to you, after hearing that you had advocated constructive criticism on the commission instead of inimical personal attacks, was that it is best for critics to paint a better picture than to castigate the one in front of them. I hope you interpreted my offering for its literary sensibility, and not as sexual harassment.

I have today posted in that context an excerpt from my work in progress, Signs of Madness, entitled My Southe Pointe Parke Pscyophancy, the gist of which is that the motive for complaints upon which the progress of our civilization is based are ideals to which reality falls short.

I believe one of your colleagues who is a professional sycophant will appreciate that fact as it has been a good source of income to him.

Our commission has suffered recently from an unwitting bout of malignant narcissism. Even when constructive suggestions are made by persons not subject to that malady, the suggestion is ignored and the person is impugned, called a “yeller and a screamer.”

It is with that in mind that I submit the link below to you and anyone else who may be concerned.


David Arthur Walters

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