Atma Beauty’s Spectacular South Beach Opening

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21 November 2015

By David Arthur Walters


“Know that all beautiful, glorious and mighty creations spring from but a spark of my splendor.” 10.41 Bhagavad Gita

I had no idea of the beauty I would behold when a Manhattan brand manager emailed me an invitation to Atma Beauty’s grand opening in Sunset Harbour, with his note that it would be fun for me to attend.

Music, vodka, hors d’oeuvres, beauty, models, photography, and atma were the key words. And what a unique combination they are at Atma Beauty, situated in Sunset Harbour at 1875 West Avenue.

OM west avenue

As for the vodka, the brand was Sobieski, introduced in Poland in 1864, and it was as smooth as can be, so smooth that Russian tasters get blind drunk and extol its spiritual virtues. It took me a full day to recover.

I was greeted by the owner, Ana Lessa, a Brazilian American beauty entrepreneur and cosmetologist with her very own magic formula.

OM magic formula

The space is cavernous, with lofty ceilings, several big rooms to accommodate the spa and the beauty and hair wash stations, a loft for the photographer, and a balcony where I was told a barber shop for men will be situated.

OM be situated

Ana’s husband was standing by with watchful eye as their twins gallivanted around the rooms. I observed that remodeling the space had taken a lot of hard work. She agreed, and said her toe had been hurt when a box fell on it.

OM fell on it

I felt a little self-conscious since only a dozen people were around when I showed up. You guessed it: I did not wait the mandatory thirty minutes after the opening hour to show up.

OM to show up

Ana’s colleague, Fabiola Trujillo of Sobe Tan adopted me for a few minutes. She told me she went into the airbrush tan business after being diagnosed with skin cancer. I explained that I was a stranger to fashion, and thought the young ladies arriving were lovely, yet I wondered if they dressed so oddly everywhere. She explained that South Beach has its own look.

OM its own look

The place was soon packed with beautiful women. I imagined for a moment that I was Krishna with his Gopis. Dream on! Not a chance. I took the Gita so ascetically when I was a kid that I even gave up flute playing, so I have little to offer except a relatively naked atma and a passionate article.

OM passionate article

If I were a mirror on the wall, I would admire all ladies equally. A classic Russian beauty was oft admired by the few men present. An equally admirable, dark-haired woman was rather ignored, so I captured her image for future reference.

OM future reference

Well, gurus have said that the Atma of atmas created the wonders of the cosmos, and that every one of us has a piece of the Atma within. That and only that is the source of the beauty without.

OM beauty without

So it must be okay to be beautiful, sexy, and even rich. Maybe I shall switch gurus, from Swami Prabhupada to Swami Rajneesh, who had his beautiful staff drive him around his West Coast compound in fifty different Rolls Royces after he took whiffs of nitrous oxide, because, he said, when criticized for the display, Atma on high is opulent in person.

Maybe lazy too, since Rajneesh only allowed females to run his business before he was deported after taking over an Oregon town. A sociological study found that his gals excelled in all material respects in comparison to Prab’s women, who were kept under the gun.

OM under the gun

I buttonholed a handsome young fellow and asked him what he thought of the rampant development. “City officials are giving permits to people to destroy the city. They must start thinking about the people who actually live here, about the parents and the kids.”

OM the kids

I thought about that as I walked home, reflecting on how beautiful South Beach is when you see its beautiful people.

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