Tracey Flagler’s New Age





Excerpt from Tracey Flagler by David Arthur Walters


Tracey Flagler was a New Age woman through and through. She had become acquainted with The Source while working as waitress in South Beach,. Her main ambition was to become a medium and high priestess of the postmodern cult. That was made clear in the diaries I recovered from her apartment after her tragic suicide. Therein I found nine tenets from one of the several entities she channeled:







The Ultimate Reality and Purpose

of YOUR Eternal Life is Bliss,

YOUR feeling of Absolute
Joy. Have Fun, O Dear One!

YOU are a Feeling Being.

YOU are what YOU feel.

YOUR feelings changes things.

YOUR feelings transform objects

as YOU perceive them.

Therefore Elate YOURSELF,

save the World that is YOU!

Cheer Up, O Dear One!

YOUR Joy recreates the objects

YOU were formerly depressed about,

into the Very Substance of Joy.

YOUR Mission is to have fun,

to experience Joy.

So Have Fun at all times.





The Inner Higher SELF is the Source

of the Joy that YOU connect with,

evolve toward,

and become at-one with

through SELF-realization.


by Virtue of Identification.

But YOUR SELF does not

lose its In-Dividuality and perish
when it becomes One with the All,

for the All is YOUR Multidimensional SELF

comprising Infinite Possibilities,

each being realized somewhere in Consciousness,

no matter how minutely.

In effect, the Potency for which YOUR human-potential
strives is Omnipotence,
and in this Absolute Freedom

YOUR SELF enjoys Unimpeded





God s Infinite and is and is not everything at once.

Take Heart! YOU, the SELF-God,
are Like-Wise Unlimited.

Be Gladdened, O Dear One.

The SELF-God would persevere
forever without impediment if it could,

and in fact it can and it does so in YOU,

an Ideally Instantiated Fact

that the evolving YOU

becomes fully Self-Aware
of in Eternity.




It follows that the SELF is Immortal,

that YOU cannot die,

and that the apparent death
and dissolution of the human body

is not the death of YOUR True Form or Soul or
SELF, which may choose to create,

take on and cast off another form at will.





God is the Omnipotent,



First Mover who creates Reality
by merely thinking it in terms of the Word

created for that Purpose, the SELF-God
creates its own Reality

including its SELF

by chanting the Word.

Everything thus thoughtfully created

is a Mode of Consciousness although,

apparently, largely unconscious.

The so-called Unconscious

is not really Unconscious-In-ItSELF:
it is Profoundly and Unutterably Conscious,

and holds sway over Conscious-Consciousness;
this Fun-Loving Merry Mind

is the Source of God’s Marvelous Mysteries, and
should be exalted accordingly. Rejoice!



the SELF’s Word becomes

the SELF-Chosen Material World,

all wishes come true,
and the truly SELF-realized SELF

has no desire to reject the World

and become
Homeless or Other-Worldly.

The SELF-Created World

belongs to the SELF; however,

the SELF does not exactly own the World:

the World is precisely the Derivative
World of YOUR Choices.

Enjoy Your Profit O Dear One!

God is of course Opulent;
the World is Her bauble;

hence the SELF-Realized SELF or YOU

does not eschew riches
but embraces them,

adorns Her-SELF with them,

and chants the Exhilarating Gospel
of Wealth.





Until its Atonement, the In-Dividual,

divided against its SELF by ignorance of its SELF,
must endeavor to have Fun for its Own Salvation

or SELF-Unity,

and since its Own
SELF is the SELF-God within every One,

within each and every Member of the
Category of One,

Global Salvation may be accelerated

if the SELF so chooses,

giving Profitable Service to Humanity,

but that Service is Insufficient,

for ultimately
only SELF-Service Saves.

Be Gay, O Dear One!





The SELF-God is ultimately responsible to YOU:
Every One gets what S/HE deserves,
for S/HE has in one way or another c
hosen those just deserts.
The SELF shall evolve accordingly,
from form to form,
until full awareness of its
Divinity-in-Unity is achieved.
All who embrace the Future
and take responsibility for their own SELF
shall in the End eternally dwell
in Joy-Full Harmony in the Peaceful Sphere.
Therefore Exalt YOUR SELF, O Gleeful One!
The Instantiated State of Ideal Peace
is beyond good and evil;
all goods and evils along the way are relative;
since Divine Selves seek the same End, namely Good,
there is no such thing as sin.



Everything God does,
including what ignorance foolishly perceives to be evil,
is really Good
– there is no such thing as evil:
God does not need a devil to be God.
What is true of God is true of the virtually identical
SELF that is YOU.
In any event,
no matter what is done,
Good Intentions shall suffice
to sanction the deed!



Photo Credit: ‘Deception’ by Darwin Leon

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