Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine’s Screamers and Yellers

Kristen Fire Extinguishers


Mayor Levine Sends his Fire Department to extinguish Kristen Gonzales

10 November 2015

By David Arthur Walters MIAMI MIRROR

City of Miami Beach Mayor Levine’s fire department turned out in red T-shirt regalia at this morning’s Tuesday Breakfast Meeting at Manolo’s in South Beach to extinguish a fire expected to be kindled by Kristen Gonzalez.

Kristen is said to be Hell on Wheels on the right track, someone who would definitely be a thorn in Mayor Levine’s side if she wins the runoff for city commission against Betsy Perez, his favorite horse in the race.

Sage of South Beach Frank Del Vecchio called Kristen as she was in transit to the meeting. She had been delayed by one of the mayor’s notorious traffic jams. He warned her that an ambush had been staged, and that it would be inadvisable for her to submit to the outrageous demonstration.

She did not attend, and was probably wise not to. That is, unless the millionaire mayor has his media machine make much of it.

If she had been there, she might have responded to barbed questioning as to where she actually lived on the beach, whether south, mid, or north beach, by asking the fireman if they lived on the beach at all, and if they had taken personal time off to promote the mayor’s favorite.

Several people left in disgust, some saying they would never attend another Tuesday Breakfast meeting, well known for its outspoken criticism of local government.

According to a report in The King’s Press, the mayor was quite himself after winning 65 percent of the 24 percent turnout, thus retaining his seat for another two years at a cost of over $800,000 out of pocket for the $10,000 job, far less than he paid for it in the first place.

There was no conciliatory olive branch offered by him, as gentlemen politicians are wont to do, to embrace the opposition and work things out, at least until dissension is rekindled, as it usually is unless intimidated.

No, Mayor Levine identified the 35 percent who did not vote for him as a tiny minority of screamers and yellers who would have to wait for the next election because that is what democracy means. Until then, fascistic business as usual: his way or the highway.

His notion of democracy reminds me of a statement made by General Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg, President of Weimar Republic; that democracy means people elect someone and then get out of their way. He appointed Adolph Hitler, whom he despised, as Chancellor.

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