City of Miami Beach Compassionate Parks Program

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Sleeping in parks now allowed by mayor’s reform regime

19 October 2015

By David Arthur Walters MIAMI MIRROR

City of Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine and City Manager Jimmy Morales in cooperation with Police Chief Daniel Oates, Homeless Outreach, and the ACLU have informally developed a much lauded Compassionate Parks Program that allows vagrants, homeless, gypsies, and anyone else for that matter to sleep in South Beach parks free of charge. The Miami Beach Police Department provides security.

PARKS provides security

PARK provides security under

A few people objected to the informal program instituted by the reform regime, but they were dissuaded when it was pointed out that many distinguished people picnic and sleep in Central Park in New York City, the most civilized city in the world. People are people, and no distinction should be made between someone with a permanent address and someone without one.

An Allied Security officer who had been instructed by his superiors not to allow sleeping in Lincoln Park was corrected by a peace officer who instructed him to let houseless people sleep in the park because, “This is their house.”

PARKS this is their house

PARKS this is their house 2

The Compassionate Parks Program is expected to become very popular as winter sets in up north and tourists flock to the beach. Again, no distinctions should be made between a tourist and a so-called vagrant simply because the former prefers to pay $200 a night for a hotel room. And the latter may supplement his income selling coconuts or articles woven from palm fronds without any cost for materials.

PARKS for materials

PARKS for materials under

Food is available at the Lincoln Road Community Church, whose minister said at a recent meeting that he came to South Beach for the express purpose of feeding the homeless. Without them, he would be without a job.

It was noted at the meeting that other cities are far more compassionate than the City of Miami Beach. Los Angeles County, for example, accommodates 44,000 homeless, with large camps established to that end in the City of Angels.

PARKS city of angels

Miami Beach must not be outdone. Mayor Levine, an affluent propagandist and real estate developer, well known for his compassion, wants to convert the big parking lot behind the South Beach convention center into a park. He has been urged to provide ample sleeping areas there for all comers, and to install vending machines for the provision of food and beverage that can be accessed by qualified homeless persons with special vending machine cards. Wine, beer, and whiskey should be provided as well since tourists are allowed to drink on the beach.

Anyone interested in supporting the Miami Beach Compassionate Parks Program should contact the mayor’s office.



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