Dear Lady Please Help Me Letter From Giorgio

I was appalled when I received the solicitation below.

Dear Lady Please Help Me

Help Giorgio Fund
P.O. Box G-24397XP4326
Grand Central Station Annex K
New York, New York, 10016-2036

December 7, 2014

Dear Lady,

Will you please help me? I am so depressed I can barely write this request for money and a lady under me. I have been jilted by yet another ungrateful woman I met on the Internet, and I’m in such torment right now that I find it almost impossible to make another move on one.

I’ve been trying to watch football, but I’m too sad to concentrate or to even go out for more reuputake medication. That stuff doesn’t work anyway. It just makes me go limp. My doctor said the only permanent solution to my affairs is for me to get my sex changed. He said he could do it in the office real cheap. But if I meet the right lady, I won’t need the operation. I can’t afford it anyway.

I’ve had my wages attached for alimony so many times that I can’t get a decent job in this town anymore. I just can’t bear to work anyhow because working makes me think of the women who cleaned me out because their mothers told them the woman should get everything. But I still want to really love the lady I’ve always dreamed of, and I hope she has a house or an apartment so I will not be homeless in two weeks. I am not selfish. I just need some place to stay so I can love again.

Now that the Holidays are approaching, please think of all the women I have supported, have pity on me, and be kind.

I beg of you, Dear Lady, please, please help me.

Email a full-length photo of yourself, your place of residence, and your telephone number to Your credit card will be accepted there. Please send checks payable to the Help Giorgio Fund, P.O. Box G-24397XP4326 Grand Central Station Annex J-42-9, New York, New York, 10016-2036.

Your desperate friend,

Giorgio Fratterccino

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