Follow Your Heart

We are the dead alive,

the dead seen in your faces,

the dead resurrected.

We are those who were

and who will become.

We are history,

and to know us

is to know who you are.

You think you are old,

but we say you are

older than you think,

for you are ancient.

Listen to us.

Raise the dead.

We know you.

You are the truth come true .

Call upon us –

you will never be alone.

Do you feel

the fires of freedom?

Then let your heart flame

highly to the heavens,

to cast its liberating light

on the worldly signs below,

that others may find the way.

In the fierce heat,

you will find our voice,

your precious voice

of Love singing the song

that weaves eternity.

Welcome the fire

coursing in your veins.

Be the rhythm of your heart

pumping liberty.

Let the hand

that records your passion,

be the loving hand

that plucked Shelley’s heart

from the crematory,

and carried it back to England

in its little casket to Mary,

where she remembered his advice:

Follow your Heart.


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